The importance of UX Design in your businesses

The importance of UX Design in your businesses

Understand the concept of UX design and why it is critical for the future of your business, both in creating new products and communicating brand identity.

There is a massive proliferation of digital products available today for both large and small businesses. Most of them have already created a website or a mobile app, and they are facing the most common challenge today: ensuring customer attention like never before.

There is a strong emphasis on making an excellent first impression or providing the best digital experience possible. This drew digital marketers' attention to a new topic: User Experience design. Nowadays, UX design is more important than writing the code for a digital product.

What exactly is user experience design?

UX design refers to the user's experience. The user experience encompasses all aspects of the interaction of those who use the company's products and services. This person's expertise is focused on finding synergy between business goals and individual needs.

UX design applied by an expert is the key for the success of your company

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In other words, it's about how she perceives your company's app, website, or software. This helps to understand the preferences, perceptions, emotions, feelings, and other characteristics of each person who uses these media.

A well-thought-out UX design improves the usability, accessibility, and enjoyment of interacting with your website or app.

Advantages of good UX design: increased conversion

Many websites offer the same product. On the other hand, customers prefer to visit websites that provide an easy and practical experience. As the number of visitors increases, so does the conversion rate. Investing in UX design raises the company's revenue as a result.

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According to a study, an excellent user interface can boost a website's conversion rate by 200%, but a great UX design can grow it by nearly 400%. Furthermore, according to this study, usability has a significant impact on customer satisfaction, so much so that:

• 14.4% increase in willingness to pay
⁠• 29.8% increase in organic traffic
⁠• Reduces brand switching aversion by 15.8%
⁠• Increases the likelihood of recommending a product by 16.6%

Reduced support costs

Having the right UX design allows visitors to easily find all the information they need about the products or services on your website. If these people can find answers to all their questions on the site, they won't need to email or call you. This significantly reduces your costs for a support team and specific service to resolve these issues.

SEO assistance

When it comes to SEO ranking, effective UX design plays a significant role. A search engine's ultimate goal is to provide users with information in a timely and convenient manner. A search engine uses several factors to track this user's engagement.

UX design has a direct and consequential impact on this, with several factors to consider, including:

• Loading time or page speed
⁠• How the site adapts to mobile devices
⁠• How the site describes your business in a user-friendly way
⁠• The creation of a user-friendly URL structureImproves brand loyalty

Brand loyalty refers to a consumer's predisposition to purchase the same brand of a product or service over competing brands. Building brand loyalty is essential to any business. The hassle-free user experience impresses these users at first glance and ensures higher retention to keep the business relationship going.

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A high-quality UX design that focuses on continuous error correction — one of the UX design principles — is critical for customer retention and brand loyalty.

In the long run, the right UX saves money

It is critical for the business to prioritize UX design during the early stages of product development. If you don't have the right UX and build the product after spending a lot of money, your customers will not become attached to it and will not form an emotional relationship with it. Rebuilding the product after launch will take more time and money and may even force entrepreneurs to abandon the product entirely.

According to the book "Software Engineering: A Professional Approach" by Robert Pressmen, For every dollar spent on problem-solving during product design, $10 will be spent on problem-solving during development.

And multiply that figure by $100 or more if the problem must be fixed after the product is released." Effective UX design can save significant money when developing a product.

The price of a user experience project

In general, allocating 15 to 20% of your total project budget to user experience design yields the best ROI. Of course, this is an average; there is no hard and fast rule because UX design spending varies from company to company.

You may spend more on research, whereas other companies pay more on prototyping. This will be determined by the nature of your project, goals, and business objectives.

UX design and research complexity will almost certainly result in a higher cost. As previously stated, the project cost is a cost-saving, as improvements after the product has been released, can result in additional expense and time.

Platforms with good UX Design

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Companies with well-designed user interfaces typically have revenues in the billions (reais or dollars). An interactive UX design assists you in attracting a larger audience and generating revenue, which leads to growth. Here are some examples:


Airbnb is one of the world's most popular online platforms in the tourism industry. It connects people looking to rent their homes with people looking for housing in the surrounding area.

It has grown to include over 8100 cities and 191 countries. The company is constantly working to improve the user experience through UX design. One of the reasons why people prefer Airbnb to other companies is because of its excellent UX design.

In 2018, the company generated $1 billion in revenue in just the third quarter. A gross income of US$4.3 billion was generated in August 2019, representing a 21% increase over the previous year. According to numerous case studies, the reason for Airbnb's growth is that the company is entirely focused on improving the user experience.


Even with new options such as Amazon Prime, HBO Go, and Disney's streaming service, Netflix remains the most popular streaming service. It is also well-known for its diverse content, which includes award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more.

Of course, presenting too much content without UX will not have the same effect. They offer an omnichannel user experience — multiple integrated channels — on mobile, tablet, TV, and desktop. Furthermore, Netflix has a reputation for providing a consistent user experience regardless of device. Netflix earned $20.15 billion in revenue in 2019 and $5.73 billion in 2020.


Spotify is one of the world's largest music streaming platforms. The company's net worth, which has reached US$ 26 billion, is proof of this. The platform has seen tremendous growth in the last five years. What's the reason? One of the most significant was Spotify's considerable investment in deep UX design work to create a music consumption experience that is so pleasant that customers prefer Spotify.


Customer experience will overtake product and price concepts as a key brand differentiator. Considering the future and comprehending the value of investing in UX design is necessary.

This is the time to shift your focus from business to user goals to stay ahead of your competitors. It is critical to consider UX design as a vital part of the development process, as it is one of the processes that cannot be overlooked. That's because the user experience will be at the heart of any of your products, particularly digital ones.

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