Creating a website that will attract your customers

Create a website that will attract your customers

Create a website is a big bet for businesses and brands to retain and attract new customers. Businesses of all sizes, including those with established brands and clientele, must constantly innovate to remain competitive. Keep in mind that customers are flooded with information and marketing messages daily. You can't, of course, lose momentum and let the opposition pass you.

Make the change happen

Consumers are always pressed for time and require something affordable and practical to learn about products and shopping. Create a website that is responsive as well as informative and detailed. Customers primarily access the internet through smartphones and tablets; they require a website compatible with their devices, so "responsive" should be one of their mantras.

A responsive website adapts to the device the user uses - smartphone, tablet, PC - and changes based on the size of the screen on which your website is displayed. It is pointless to create a website with an innovative structure if your client cannot use it.

Many businesses are also investing in tablet and smartphone apps. This may also be a viable option for your company. Customers can access your website even when they are not at home.

Remember that shopping on mobile devices is becoming more and more common. This allows the customer to consult the products and make a quick and secure purchase.

Have you noticed how some brands have used videos to work with the text-image relationship?

This is because videos can demonstrate the quality of your products or services. In addition to publishing the videos, you can create a website where all of the company's videos will be accessible.

After all, how do you bring in new customers?

See the following tips to create a website for attracting new customers and drive sales:

Define the intended audience

Investigate, search for, and define the target audience profile that your company serves and or intends to serve. What will the shape of your potential customers look like? It's similar to relating to your friends; you know their likes, fears, and what they don't like. It's the same with customers; maintain a professional but personal relationship. Only then will you be able to create a website with open doors for each of your products until you achieve your desired outcome.

Who would you like to meet? Make changes to improve and perfect your website, which serves as your company's business card and promotes your services and products. Your customers must be "hooked" by your first impression. If he doesn't like your website, he's unlikely to revisit it. Create a website that ensures that customers can find what they need on your website.

If you don't have a website, it's time to get your hands dirty because you're passing up an opportunity to communicate directly with your personas promptly and cost-effectively.

Invest in media buying

After you've identified your personas (customers) and mapped out your website, you can move on to targeted media. Some tools can help and are widely used by businesses, such as Linkedin and Google Adwords, which provide information based on their interests, such as geographic location, age, browsing habits, and other factors that will show the customer's profile looking for.

To create a website with good positioning, consider the five keywords that your customers use the most to search for your site and products. It is important to remember that these words must appear in related tags and described items.

You also have the opportunity of promoting your company on search engines. Some use pay-per-click options. This is an excellent way to introduce potential customers to your services and products.

Humanize customer interactions

Create a website with light and coherent interaction. Make the initial contact, but don't force calls or visits as if you're desperate. Interact with the customer to humanize it and allow the prospect to provide feedback when they are comfortable doing so.

This will take time, so set goals and employ appropriate techniques. You can even do this with emails that include actions or forms aimed at the customers you want to prospect.

This strategy acts as a "thermometer" to determine who is genuinely interested in your services and products. You will be able to separate potential customers this way.

Remember that you are on the front lines at the start of the relationship with your prospective client. This step must be precise and quick. You should not feel obliged to sell the main product at this point. Create a website to introduce other services or products you believe will be the first point of contact and attract attention. You will quickly discover the actual needs of your personas.

Make a customer nurturing process

Once a user becomes a regular visitor to your site, you can work on making it possible for your potential customer to register and receive information about your products, such as prices, discounts, and promotions. Remember: to contact these people, be spontaneous and avoid working with the "slash force";

When you have these people's registrations, prioritize using tools to trigger information relevant to your interests.

Even if this person does not become a client, you will have earned their respect and admiration for your work, and you will have an ally who will not speak ill of your work if the opportunity arises.

If a prospective customer schedules a meeting with you or a representative from your company or even purchases a product or service, ensure that the service is unrivaled. You've figured out who is transitioning from prospect to customer. Make the most of your time with him and do everything you can to keep him.

How to create a website?

You will need a domain, but first, choose a name for your domain and then the extension, which can be .com, .org, .io, or something else.

Then you can work on top of a website hosting platform, which is nothing more than the platform that keeps your website up and running while ensuring the security of your company's data at all times. Various types of website hosting are available today, each with its own price.

How to attract customers?

Create a website that has an excellent presentation and lead's capture tool. It's not that difficult, sometimes, only a few things are required:

Integration with social media:
It's not a difficult task and can make things easier for your customers.

Work with landing pages:
They aim to avoid distractions and keep the emphasis on conversion.

Host it on a reliable platform:
⁠To attract your target audience and be adequately optimized for mobile.

Start an online store:
With your product online, you can easily change specifications and sell.

Accessible payment options:
⁠Consider a shopping cart and payment methods such as Stripe and Paypal.

These are excellent ways to get more customers and make money on the internet without investing much money. Create a website, blog, or virtual store that will increase your chances of influencing people through the online world.

And what about social media?

Many people are still reluctant to create a website, whether a blog, a virtual or institutional store or solely on social media. Of course, this relies on the service you intend to provide.

Everything becomes easier once your goals are defined, but regardless of the direction of your dreams, you will need to create a website. Your customer will have exclusive access to your products and services through it.

Your website functions as a showcase for your content and products in a targeted manner. Keep an eye on the search engines and work to improve your site regularly.

The rule is simple: to capture and retain customers, you cannot allow competition. Anyone who visits your website is likely interested in your brand. Be glad because these are potential customers.

Increase the visibility of your website

It is not sufficient to create a website, blog, or virtual store if you do not work on increasing your company's visibility, you will struggle to rank high in browser searches. If you're reading this, you want to get more customers.

So, focus on converting visitors into leads and loyal customers. Seek the spotlight and be among the first to appear in the search results. As a result, almost no one will pass by without noticing your site.

You should be aware that the more engaged your site is, the more likely it will be relevant. Don't worry, we will give you resources to assist you with this step.

As an example of having a good website, as previously mentioned, you can create a website using SEO techniques to assist you with the necessary strategies. You'll need a hosting web service to meet the essential optimization criteria, and this service will be in charge of existing files on your website. Another critical factor is the processing speed of your site and its pages.

When the slow loading speaks louder, no navigation lasts. Your website hosting provider is in charge of content speed, which impacts the authority gain of your domain.

The experience of your customers

If your website constantly crashes, your relationship with your customer will crash too. Get a high-performance website to avoid frequent outages. A website with peaks can reduce a customer's credibility while also making organic positioning difficult (the appearance of your website in searches carried out in search engines).


It is recommended that your site be operational as often as possible. However, we know that this is not currently possible. Today, an acceptable uptime that does not affect customer loss is 99.99% or 45 minutes of downtime per month.

Create a website with a provider who will make your website live within the specified numbers, making a difference in your sales and customer searches.

Other approaches

Understand that every website must be accompanied by optimizations that guide the persona/customer to the primary goal. There are several approaches to lead generation:

  • Appealing content
  • Email Marketing
  • Form of Contact
  • Landing pages
  • Chatbots or Forms
  • Other online services

Have you considered acting as a customer service representative and creating brand advocates? Remember the most popular social networks that can interact with your website? They can bring you closer to your audience by allowing you to link to your website or blog, advertise promotions, and even serve as a form of customer service, as many of them are constantly connected to one or more of your social media accounts.

Customers will be on your side if you know how to use these tools. But how does this happen? Bet on well-executed campaigns that provide high-quality services.

A satisfied customer on social media will multiply their actions and reach out to other potential customers by sharing what is important to them.


Create a website is a critical part of your business marketing and branding strategy. It’s where you can show off your company culture, team, products, and services. Not to mention, it’s the first impression many customers will have of your business. That’s why it’s important to invest in a website that is not only beautiful but also user-friendly. Our team can help you create a unique website that reflects your brand and drives results. Contact us today to get started!

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