8 tips for the best website that drives sales

8 tips for the best website that drives sales

You must have read some articles out there trying to help you to get the best website. I imagine that many of them embark on the technical field or give more oriented tips to those who work on the development, not those who manage the site. Your website shouldn't just be an online storefront. It should help you sell.

If your interest is to improve your website, I guess you have a company and an online channel, and you want to make that business work. If this is your case, this article is for you. Let's talk as simply as possible about some points the best website must have to generate results and help you monitor and measure these data.

We often use the analogy that "your website is very similar to a physical store." In practice, an actual establishment aims to attract customers and sell to them, and for that, it is necessary to offer some features:

  • Good location
  • ⁠Attractive showcase
  • Clean and organized store
  • Well-exposed products
  • Trained and helpful salespeople
  • Good payment terms

If your store fails to meet any of the above points, your customer will give up on buying and, in the case of the shop itself, these things aren't easy to detect as it is challenging to measure details such as service quality, window cleaning, and others.

Couple having a bad experience in a store

But what about the best website? Note that much of the above can be transferred to your digital channel:

  • Discoverable website
  • Good presentation of pages
  • Easy and intuitive navigation
  • Straightforward product search
  • Clear contact options
  • Safe purchase conditions

In other words, the best website, like a store, is a place where you can capture and scale more business. A poor website is a waste of opportunity.

Now that you know these main principles, let's apply them together!

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I'm sure you already know that there are hundreds of thousands of people doing research and looking for answers related to your solution. How many times have you used Google to search for answers and products in the last week? 

In short, the internet (and Google) wants to show the best website to people, so if you don't improve it, it doesn't show up to anyone. A widespread comment we hear when we talk about the importance of a website generating results is the following:

"My customer does not buy on the internet"

If your company has a product that is priced too high, the customer needs to visit or see the product, or negotiation between humans is necessary... No one will enter the site, press a button and buy. This would only happen if your channel were e-commerce. And with the above variables in play, your company will never be e-commerce. And then the argument persists:

"There is no way I can sell on the internet"
⁠"My client does not use the internet"

Believe me: your customer is online and is searching for the best website, and if you remain skeptical, I can prove to you that people will search on the internet no matter the price, product, or service. Let's consider here a product with high added value: an excavator. 

Doing a quick search here, we can already see that this type of product sells for $100,000 to $500,000 — almost half a million dollars. And on top of that, you might think, "whoever makes this purchase doesn't search the internet."

Excavators in action

However, doing a Google Trends search for the volume for the term "excavator" in the last 12 months, we found a spike in popularity almost year round. Not bad, right? It seems that people search for it on the internet. And let me tell you: they search for the best website with purchase intent. 

The argument of "my customer doesn't buy on the internet" doesn't make sense. But who enters the site probably isn't the decision maker and will not buy. Okay, valid point. The people looking for an excavator are not those who approve the payment of $500,000, but they are interested because they are technical people who give opinions and participate in the decision-making process.

So, at the very least, they will influence the final decision, which is why they are researching. Your company, answers, and product can be part of that argument and the search results. 

And you can still be stubborn and say:

"The customer will not buy"
⁠"My sale needs to be in person"
⁠"I need the buyer in my yard"

Alright, but that's not the point. We're not saying that someone will swipe their card and make a half-million dollar purchase online, it's improbable, but the internet is where the deal starts.

It is much easier to search online than to look for references off-digital. Google has the answers, so if you're the decision maker and want your customer to find your high-value-added solution, have the best website. And if you are not the decision maker, your results depend on having the proper channel.

Improving the website

As we said, I'm sure your company's website is essential to you; otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this article. However, possibly your day is full of other tasks such as sales, operations, marketing, customer service, and other reasons that your company may not be able to give the best website as much priority.

But this is necessary, especially if you have a small business. There are several ways to create simple and objective sites with content and offer a good experience without spending lots of money on it.

If you are interested and want to know more about this, click here and read our article about how UX can help your small business.

If you don't measure how good is your website, that investment goes away and the cheap becomes expensive because you may not spend much on the best website, but you could use that money and time for something else.

Unhappy entrepeneur losing money and time

Therefore, some points that we are going to explore here will require some patience and commitment. Wouldn't it make sense to analyze customers' flow and service quality in your physical store if you had one?

Okay, I'm convinced. What should I do now?

To profit on the internet, you need the best website to drive traffic and sales. Competition in the digital environment is already extreme, and many companies are migrating to the online model, naturally making the competition even fiercer. 

Keeping an eye on this scenario, we prepared 8 tips and highlighted points that will strategically increase your number of visitors. Here are some suggestions to increase your traffic and have the best website:

1. Have a responsive website

It may seem like a simple, implicit thing you don't have to worry about. It isn't! Think about how often you try to open a website that you have already opened on your PC, and it doesn't work correctly on your smartphone. Well, that's what we're talking about. Even with technological advances, we still run into attempts to access non-responsive sites.

Group designing the best website

To prevent someone from giving up visiting your website, blog, or store, ensure it is the best website and it can be fully viewed, with the experience guaranteed on any device, including smartphones, tablets, etc. In addition to providing excellent access to various digital media, being responsive is essential for your website to be well positioned in search engines such as Google.

2. Measure your current traffic

Go to your site's settings page and observe the viewing rate of the published content. Check which posts attracted the most visitors and were commented on. Make your planning based on observations – the type of post, time, text/image, etc.

3. Have a lightweight website

Lightness and agility are essential, and website loading time counts. Nobody wants to wait a minute for all the images and information to appear. People give up and migrate to the competition's site when this happens. Heavy sites have very high bounce rates. To ensure that it opens quickly: optimize the pages, images, and all structures, and adopt plugins for this function. The faster it runs, the best website results you will have!

4. Present an exciting layout

Create a unique visual identity for the best website. This goes from the logo to how you write a post. And it serves as a website or page on the social network, which must also follow the same style as the website. Your visitor or client will notice the whim and identify himself with a visual proposal developed to catch his attention. 

Designer planning the best website

But be careful, don't go overboard with details. Often the best website has a minimalist style, with suitable white spaces (which offers visual comfort) and well-applied colors, works better than one full of information and polluted, including colors.

5. Produce rich content

A book with an excellent cover is attractive, but if the content is weak, it's only reasonable to keep it on the shelf! Adopt this motto and develop well-written texts, obeying the orthographic rules. The best website has good titles, summarizing what each article is about. Use fantastic illustrations that "have something to say" and are not just placed to fill space. Don't address topics outside your niche. Use themes that have to do with your product, service, or audience.

6. Update your site constantly

Keep a frequency of publications. In most cases, you don't need to update every day. Try to post news at least three to four times a week. In the editorial area, where you talk about the site's function, tell the reader how often you publish. So he makes a habit of coming back for new things.

7. Use keywords

Keywords are the terms that guide your text, that summarize it, such as the title and synonyms. The best website use keywords properly, so you better position the page in search engines. Define what these expressions are and leave them in a strategic position in each post. You can also highlight it in bold.

8. Use Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a service that aims to attract internet users to your website in less time. To use this feature, the admin has to buy the keywords of the articles. Once this is done, the platform will be shown prominently and on the first page of the search engine every time an internet user does a search related to your topic. This is a great technique for the best website, but make sure it fits in your pocket.

Woman making stories for her company s social media profile

Bonus Tip:
⁠Make a presence on social media

If you want to be successful, then it's good to be on social media. Choose the networks that are used by your target audience. It doesn't have to be in all of them. Create profiles for your site, encouraging access to both virtual environments. Positive relationships, quick responses, and credibility are the key to a good business on the web.


The tips we've shared are essential for any business looking to increase website traffic and conversions. However, if you need some help implementing these changes or want a professional team to take care of creating the best website for you, we are more than happy to assist. Let us know how we can help you to create a high-performing website that turns browsers into buyers.

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